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Family Friendly Activities in Melbourne 

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Taxi Blog

It’s easy to find things to do in Melbourne for solo travelers. It’s always harder to find activities that will keep the whole family entertained! Luckily, after over eighty years in Melbourne, Silver Top knows all the best places. Check out our quick guide to some of the best family friendly activities below.  

Luna Park 

You can’t leave Melbourne without seeing Luna Park. The iconic theme park first lit up St Kilda pier in 1912, and it’s still just as fun today. Make sure to get there before huge lines form by booking a cab through the Silver Top app. Our Quick Hail feature lets you book a cab instantly, which means getting on that rollercoaster sooner! Luna Park has rides for all ages and is located right on the beach, making it easy to find something everyone can enjoy.   


The Children’s Gallery at Melbourne Museum 

The Children’s Gallery offers anything a kid could want, from dinosaur excavations to colorful dance parties. Melbourne Museum has also created ‘social stories’ for kids on the autism spectrum, as well as special programs for kinder groups. And there’s plenty for parents to see and do as well. Outside of the Children’s Gallery, the museum has exhibitions on everything from gut health to the 1960s. 


Skip public transport for this one! Turn an hour on the train into a quick ride in a Silver Top. With Silver Top’s GPS tracking you can even track your journey along the way. Scienceworks is a Melbourne institution, with enough fun and educational displays to keep everyone entertained for hours. Highlights include creating your own soundscape, visits to the planetarium (which also offers sleepovers!), and robotics workshops. Just remember to pack snacks.  


Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq 

Dodgem cars, bowling alleys, and over sixty arcade and ticket games makes the Archie Brothers the stuff of kid’s dreams. Want a more memorable day out? The Brothers even have VR stations, and immersive games in their Thrillrider section (although you might want to save that one for the teenagers).  Make sure to have plenty of cash on hand, as most of the games are priced individually. Luckily you can pay for your cab using PayPal with the Silver Top app, making it easy to save all your cash for the fun. 

Taxi booked? Sandwiches packed? Everyone been to the toilet? Let get going!

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