Like most millennials, I’ve used plenty of ride-sharing apps. Running late for a job interview, getting home with some friends after a night out, or grabbing a late night bite to eat are just a few of the reasons I might pull out my phone to order a car. At this point, I’m confident I know how to use just about any service. But when I downloaded Silver Top Taxis’ booking app, I didn’t know what to expect. I might have booked plenty of rides, but taxis were all new to me. I was on my way to work when I decided to give Silver Top’s app a try. Some things were just like any other app. The interface was intuitive, I could track my driver’s arrival time easily, and I had no trouble setting up a new account. There were a few features, however, that surprised me.

The Silver Top app has no surge prices, even during the morning rush…

The first surprise was the car itself. How many times have you ordered a ride, only to have a car show up you’re embarrassed to arrive in? Not the case here. My driver arrived in a bright and shiny new vehicle, complete with a clean interior that made me feel like I should have been paying extra (I wasn’t). I settled into my surprisingly comfy backseat and opened my phone, expecting to be informed I was in for some astronomical peak hour prices. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Silver Top app has no surge prices, even during the morning rush! Not only was I skipping my crowded morning train, I was also skipping high surge rates.
My driver was a Melbourne local who knew his way to my destination even better than I did. I didn’t have to let him know where to turn or park – he knew enough shortcuts to get me to work with time to spare for a quick coffee run. When it was time to pay there was no fumbling through my bag for my wallet; I’d already easily linked the app to my PayPal account, and my fare was paid automatically. No searching for small change or waiting for the Eftpos machine to load required. Paying for my taxi was just as simple as booking it, and I was in line for that coffee in no time.
Silver Top’s app has all the best bits of regular rideshare apps I’ve come to rely on (GPS tracking, hand-held convenience, and a quick and easy booking system), with all the things I didn’t know I needed from taxis. An experienced local driver who really knows the city, a safe and comfortable ride, and (best of all) no sneaky surge fees when you can’t afford to wait around for a good price. I’m still a millennial, and live on my phone. Next time I need a ride, I’ll definitely be opening my Silver Top Taxis’ app.

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