Jagdeep has been driving with Silver Top for fifteen years, and in that time he’s seen a lot of changes. But one change for the better, he says, is the new Silver Top passenger app. While chatting after another successful job, Jagdeep told us about his experience with the new app, and how his customers have reacted to the changes. After booking his first job through the app, he says, his customer was “really happy.”

Driver Experience with Silver Top's new app

According to Jagdeep, in app payment – particularly the ability to pay with PayPal – is putting Silver Top on the map. “A lot of people are not from Australia, they’re international tourists who don’t want to give their credit card details, so they can use PayPal,” Jagdeep says. And Australian customers are just as pleased: “when you tell them they can pay by PayPal [… they] feel more secure.”

“The way I look at it,” he tells us, “we’re heading towards a tech world. Everybody wants cashless payment, and this is the best way to do it.” And he’s not worried about competition from other apps. Before rideshare apps were even born, Jagdeep says, “[Silver Top] was in business. So you ask yourself who you want to deal with.” Unlike other apps, Jagdeep says, “there’s no surprise charges, whatever I have done is right in front of you. And anytime you want to check your payment history you can go through your app.” He went on to say: “It’s too easy, and there’s no hidden cost. Everything is transparent.”

The Silver Top App, he says, offers passengers a safer and quicker option. When we ask how long it takes passengers to get out after a trip, he tells us it’s “in and out.” Jugdeep says his last app trip was “convenient and comfortable, and very quick.”

After over a decade as a Silver Top driver, Jagdeep is confident about the future. With in-app payment and PayPal partnership, he says, Silver Top is “the pioneer.”

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