Jagdeep has driven with Silver Top Taxis for over fifteen years. With two cars, steady work as a Silver Service driver, and loyal clientele, his career is showing no signs of slowing down. We caught up with Jagdeep recently to find out why his professional life as a Silver Top driver has been so successful, and what advice he would give to drivers looking to follow in his footsteps.
Silvertop Taxi Driver

“Consider driving as a profession,” Jagdeep tells us. It’s an attitude that has served him well, and one that’s helped him develop an impressive client list that includes numerous CEOs and CFOs. “You respect your job,” he says, “and you won’t be out of business.” Working as a Silver Service driver, Jagdeep understands what corporate clients want in a taxi service. He says that upscale cars, like Silver Top’s Silver Service taxis, are what business class customers are looking for.

Because of this demand for excellence, Jagdeep always makes an effort to go above and beyond for his clientele. He tells us how he makes sure to have his tablet with him at all times, so he can always be reached via email (the most convenient option for his business contacts), and shows us the supply of water bottles he keeps on hand for passengers. “People are very happy to pay money for that service,” he says.


“I’m never going to leave Silver Top.”

Jagdeep is always looking for new ways to add to the service he provides his passengers. He was quick to get on board with the new Silver Top app, and was immediately mindful of how it could benefit his Silver Service customers. The app’s PayPal partnership, he says, is one of the biggest benefits. “Let’s say you’ve forgotten your wallet, and you want get to the airport on an urgent basis,” he says. “You don’t remember your credit card details […], [but] you remember the password and login for PayPal.” It’s this attention to detail that makes it easy to understand why Jagdeep’s client list is continuing to grow.

His customers are certainly happy, but what about Jagdeep? “I’m very happy,” he tells us.“I’m never going to leave Silver Top.”

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