Once again, Melbourne Museum is bringing the Australian public something to talk about. Hailing originally from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Revolutions: Records and Rebels looks back at the Western world and popular culture in late 1960s. Over 500 objects are displayed in the museum, with some truly iconic pieces featured. John Lennon’s sunglasses and handwritten Beatles lyrics, anti-Vietnam protest paraphernalia, and outfits once worn by supermodel Twiggy are just a few of the highlights. Australian audiences will see fragments of their own history, with displays on the 1967 referendum positioned alongside accounts of the Black Panther movement.

And the exhibition is not limited to the visuals of the ‘60s. Visitors are given headphones, allowing them to listen to a changing soundtrack of sixties music as they move around the displays. The music, by artists like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, helps to create an immersive experience which allows visitors to gain a small sense of what it would have been like to live through the period. While the exhibition does show a lot of the decade, it doesn’t show what Melbourne looked like in the sixties. Instead, we’ve managed to dig up this photo of a Silver Top depot from the 1960s.

Revolutions: Records and Rebels makes for the perfect day out for Melbourne families. Children can enjoy the bright colours and psychedelic sounds, while parents can learn more about how Australian history was influenced by international hubs like London and New York.

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