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Book a taxi to the MCF Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019

by | Apr 13, 2019 | Taxi Blog

Want to laugh so much it’s hard to breathe? It’s getting colder everyone, and chuckling does burn those carbs. Can you guess what’s happening? Yep, you got it! The Melbourne Comedy Festival!

The festivals home is the Melbourne Town Hall, smack bang in the CBD. It’s already started and will continue until April 21st just for you.

Before we get into the events, we can agree that everythingis way funnier with a drink in you. Whether it’s post or prior the event you’re catching, there are plenty of bars and restaurants right near the Melbourne Town Hall. We’ll provide you with a few right on Swanston Street. The Rooftop bar is a personal favourite, and right underneath is Cookie. Be sure to check out the Goldilocks Bar too, or Lounge if you’re thinking of staying on the ground. Now remember, drinking equals no driving. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.

The Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow has already past at the end of March, now for the next.

Catch ‘Upfront’, hosted by Geraldine Quinn’s Spandex Ballet. This one starts at 7:30pm on April 17th, so head to one of the bars we’ve suggested to kill some time. Especially if you work in the city, or go after, or both! This show will be full of lip and killing stereotypes the world still believes in. If you’re one for girl power this is definitely you’re place to be. Don’t miss it, this show is one night only!

Are you a single parent on your night off? If you answered yes, then it is a must to go and check out Aaron Gocs ‘Divorced… with children’.
Two things about this one:

  •  Relatable comedic relief is fine, but you will need a drink
  •  Don’t drink and drive, drink and call us!

On your night off, jump in a taxi and head to the town hall for this one. Aaron ain’t going anywhere folks, you can book tickets for April 14th, 16th or the 21st.

Ever feel like you’ve got split personalities? Hot and cold? Yes and no? Piss off (just kidding)? If this is you, and we all know its everyone at times then Aaron Chen will make you feel better with his ‘Piss off (just kidding)’ segment. Again, this show is available this April 14th, 16th or the 21st, go check it out!

Now these are just three of the many many many shows of the Melbourne Comedy Festival from right now until the April 21st, so book a ticket, book a Silver Top Taxi, and get laughing!

Book Online, download the app, call us on 13 5000

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